Nuance Pivoine  is the story of an eco-chic brand, authentic and sincere, which remains faithful
to its intuitions and its commitments.

She thinks, creates, day after day new creations that evolve according to the trend by maintaining her committed brand
beliefs by selecting materials that respect the environment and animals, using no matter of animal origin. The brand is certified PETA APPROVED VEGAN and ANIMAL FREE FASHION.

Elegance, simplicity, sincerity and naturalness are the mark of the brand.

All products are hand-made in the best conditions in collaboration with local
suppliers to give priority to short circuits in our transport.

 KNOW-HOW "Made in France"

The brand contributes to the cultural, environmental and economic influence of France.

Important values ​​that Nuance Peony preserves and maintains.

Each piece produced involves precision and a succession of steps.

All requiring precise and unique know-how.

The brand is proud to keep its values, to offer you beautiful French creations
and eco-responsible!

"Nuance Pivoine, creations designed for you. "